Little Stories:     AWAKE

  Wendolyn Rue
  August 2010
One night many years ago I found myself sitting bolt upright in my bed. I had been awakened by a deafening blast, and for a brief moment the night became day. No one else in the house woke.

Several days later, I overheard a person describing the blast and the light, offering some scientific explanation for it. It had been in the news. I stopped still. I had completely either forgotten or dismissed the fact that this extraordinary event had ever happened. I began to remember the whole thing; but for two days it had vanished from memory.

Last week I took my children and their friends to the east coast. These children will create fun whenever possible, and so when they found themselves all

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together in an old Victorian home, their do-something juices flowed. They were intrigued with the ghost tours--people walking by the house every evening. They decided to “orb people.”

They bought a blue ball that glowed in the dark about the size of a soft ball. They put it on a string or two--I’m not really sure-- but they were able to control its motion from the second floor window. They could make it do a celestial dance or let it be still or make it move like an angry god. And so the seven of us sat and watched the people.

My frustration simmered. The majority of the people passing did not (could not?) see it. We added some noise, but still they passed, blind and deaf.

Children often saw it. But their parents dismissed it. Some children feared it. Some found it magical. However, their shouts to their parents fell on deaf ears. And soon the children quieted too.

There were some exceptions.
Teenagers were the best. They saw it, wanted to run to it, wanted to run away from it. They tried to grab it, solve it, stimulate it, celebrate it.

It makes me wonder about what I see and the way I live. What loud flashing experience am I missing? And what about the gentle, soft, quiet messages? What has vanished from my consciousness?

  MH May 20, 2011

Recently, an historic photo showed White House people witnessing (in real time) the death of Osama bin Laden on video.

In its newspaper, a religious sect printed the photo-- with the WOMEN carefully removed, apparently by "photoshopping." Our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and another woman were simply "disappeared."

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What are rational people supposed to think? This act is not up there with the murder of female babies or the genital mutilation of young girls; but it certainly strains our traditional American "respect" for religions.

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