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Hunter October 2011

Gibson on Payroll-tax Holiday

PostStar interviewer:
Some say there should be a surcharge on millionaires to pay for it. What are your thoughts about that?

Congressman Chris Gibson:

  PostStar 12/27/11

Gibson: Debt-Ceiling Vote

  2011 Our 20th district congressman Chris Gibson has once again obeyed his Republican masters, dutifully following orders, this time to vote against raising the debt ceiling--thereby promising to smash the American economy if the rest of us won’t bend to Republican will.
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It was not enough for Gibson to vote to retain obscene tax breaks for millionaires and for killing Medicare; he has now followed his Republican leadership toward the murder of the nation’s economy.

I hope—no I predict-- that Republicans are going to wake a sleeping giant of American rage.

The Democratic Party must stop trying to compromise with greedy GOP elites, political sheep, and ignorant crackpots.

Come on, Dems! Poke the sleeping giant and elect a majority of intelligent, humanistic, sane Democrats!

(There used to be some intelligent, humanistic, sane Republicans; but, in Washington these days, it is blood-sucking, zombie-time for a Ghoulish Old Party.)

 Gibson Clicks Heels & Salutes

  MH [July 2011]
Our 20th district Congressman, Chris Gibson, clicked his heels, saluted Eric Cantor, and yelled “Yes Sir!” He cast his vote for the C’rupt, Crap, and Malice bill (HR 2560). Oh sorry, I meant Cut, Cap, and Balance bill.

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(Go ahead. Google it.)

Even if this bill had been a fountain of wisdom (it was not), it would have been a gigantic waste of taxpayer money to use Congressperson-hours and Congressional staff-hours to prepare it and put it to a totally useless vote. It was well known that the Senate would have none of it; and, even should the Senate be so deranged as to pass it, the President had promised a veto.

Did we really send Mr. Gibson to Congress to engage in such expensive posturing?

Gibson Against Environment

   [June, 2011]
Our 20th district U.S. congressman, Chris Gibson voted "yes" on H.R.2021, a bill sporting the slimy, disingenuous title “The Jobs and Energy Permitting Act.” It should be called “The Republican Sabotage-Environmental-Protection-Whenever-Possible Act.”

What should we expect when his biggest campaign contributors seem to be hedge funds, brokers, and giant construction firms--ready and willing to pave the state with concrete?

A few Republicans actually voted against it! (Not our guy.) They noticed that a job on an uninhabitable planet is not going to be very valuable. (If we keep chipping away at environmental protections, our grandchildren will be too busy trying to figure out how to get to another, possibly livable, planet to care about a job on this one.)

I’ve been unable to find any data to suggest that this act would create any jobs. And even if there were some, it is very insulting to voters to suggest that we would choose having a job over and above the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren.

When the 20th voted Chris Gibson into the House of Representatives, did we really expect these cynical votes? Does this person really represent us?

Please Google “H.R. 2021 EPA" and tell me if this makes any sense to you.

We have a lot of wonderful environment around here. Will Gibson cave to his big business masters when local environmental issues arise?

Republicans are aching to kill E.P.A., bit by bit if necessary. They will do anything to direct more money to the people that already have money. Future be damned!

  [MH June 28, 2011]

[Use arrows to cont.]

Whom do you represent, Mr. Gibson?

A Congressional Budget Office study of a recent 30-year period indicates that the top 1% of earners increased their incomes by 275%, while middle income houseolds grew by less than 40%.

Which group do you represent, Congressman?


Hunter Sept. 2011


  MH [August 15, 2011]
In the N.Y.Times recently there was a controversy over strong language from op-ed columnist Joe Nocera. Joe called Tea Party Republicans “terrorists” who have "waged jihad on the American people.” Unfortunately, he later apologized--for the language not the sentiment, one presumes.

But when ideologish political savages are swooping out of the jungle, wielding poison-spear lies, mindless cannons of repetition, and swords of ignorance, civilization had better not reply with Emily Post.

You can’t beat back verbal savagery with well-reasoned argument and good manners. Mere fact is no match for rigid, simplistic “beliefs” such as “small government” and “low taxes” and the kiddy notion that government debt is just like kitchen-table debt.

For a citizenry mostly occupied with trying to make a living, where can we find the energy to fight back in the language-war? Shun lies, of course; but shouldn't we hold our noses (not our tongues), and make use of the very verbal devices and endless repetitions that we find disgusting in the enemy? I'm afraid so.

Get down! It’s survival, folks!

At the moment, verbal weapons of the delirious "right " are proving effective. The war has not yet become bloody. But it could.

Let’s not cede it to savages. Let's cheer on the Jon Stewarts and the Maureen Dowds and Rachel Maddows, and the Joe Noceros who man and woman the front lines and stab the enemy with the logic and ridicule they deserve! But until the next election is over, may they add some less nuanced modes and squawk-on!

The gentlemanly decorum of the N.Y.Times is mostly welcome; but it won’t win the war.

Gibson Sings with Cantor

  MH July 11, 2012
Once again our U.S. House-of-Representatives guy in the new 19th district of NY (Chris Gibson) cast his slavish vote with his boss, Eric Cantor. It was the 33rd attempt to repeal Obamacare, an effort that they all knew would be squashed in the Senate or vetoed by the President.

I am no particular fan of Obamacare as compared with the more fiscally responsible Medicare-for-all; but why are we spending the big bucks to send these guys to Congress to twiddle their toes?

And look at all the jobs this Republican-controlled House has created!

Does Chris Gibson really represent you?

Gibson Against   the 99%

  MH April 20, 2012
In recent votes in the U.S. House of Representatives, Chris Gibson makes it clear whom he represents. It ain't us, the ninety-nine.

The Buffett Rule legislation would cause milionaires and billionaires to pay more in income tax. (Chris Gibson is against that.)

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"Small" business tax-relief: Oh yes Gibson is in favor of that--even though it adds 46 billion to the deficit, and the "small" in its title is a lie. (The legislation cuts taxes for 99% of all businesses--large and small, including most law firms, sports franchises, lobbying firms, hedge funds; even socialite Paris Hilton and pornographer Larry Flint, according to a Democrat of California!)

If you're a proud member of the ninety-nine, does this guy represent you? I don't think so.


  MH February 28, 2012

If men keep trying to pass laws about women's bodies (Virginia, Oklahoma, Georgia, etc.) it may be time for women to do a Lysistrata. Lysistrata, you may remember, is a Greek play in which all the women refuse to engage in sex until their men stop the waging the Peloponnesian War.

  [Use arrows to cont.]

This time, ladies, the war is on you! You need to get off your backs and fight it until the message is unmistakable:

  (I don't vote for people who get that
  wrong. Also I don't have sex with them.)

While women are on sex-strike, men who make laws against contraception and abortion can just console themselves with their religions--and walk around with their penises pointing perkily toward their sky gods.
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Furthermore, all women and the men who love them need to support the proposed legislation of Yasmin Neal (Georgia legislature) who noticed that "thousands of children in this state are deprived of birth every year because of the lack of regulation over vasectomies." She introduced legislation to remedy that dreadful gap in state law and moral rectitude.

Brilliant blogger, Sally, added:

"Oh, and please remove ALL condoms from drug stores and public rest rooms. They are to be available only by prescription, after the man undergoes a trans-penile ultrasound and sperm analysis. If condoms are found to be medically necessary, a scrip may be written, but they are not covered by insurance."

  Stephanie Cutter
"The GOP candidates are spending a huge amount of time attacking President Obama--no surprise. But instead of basing their attacks on differences of opinion, they've chosen to run on claims about his record that just aren't true.

Mitt Romney says that, despite 23 consecutive months of job growth under the President's watch, he's made the recession 'worse'."


Stephanie lists more examples, noting that millions of campaign $$ will insure endless repetitions of such lies.

Mitch McConnell's Mug

MH March 22, 2013

Mitch McConnell (R. Senate) says Hillary Clinton looks as if she's from "a rerun of The Golden Girls." I don't think it was a compliment.

Like many male Republicans, Mitch obviously evaluates women mainly on the basis of their reproductive potential.

A person like Mitch, whose face resembles pink bread dough with raisins, should perhaps restrain himself.
[Use arrows to cont.]

The mug of Mitch begs for a face-lift. (Maybe the surgeon, while close by, could throw in a brain-lift.)

Actually, doughboy, those golden girls look pretty nifty.

Why Would Anyone   Vote GOP?

  MH Sept. 1, 2012
Why would anyone vote GOP in the November 2012 election?

Surely no self-respecting American woman would.

She would look in horror on the party that votes to have government intrude upon her body, especially when the party votes to force her to bear the child of her rapist. She would undoubtedly shun the party that votes against women getting equal pay for equal work.
  [Use arrows to cont.]

Surely no self-respecting middle-income or poor person would vote Republican.

They have watched the rich pull away to robber-baron status via tax cuts, the buying of elections, and self-serving boycotts of legislation. Meanwhile the remaining citizens become more and more economically repressed.

Who is left to vote GOP? The polls, which suggest an astonishing closeness between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, are difficult to believe. Who are these potential GOP voters?

Maybe they are a coalition of the rich, the ignorant, and some brainwashed religionists who love their male-supremacy myths.

How sad for the advance of civilization.


  MH October 4, 2012
This morning's pundit-opinion seems to declare that, in last night's television debate, energetic Romney lies defeated Obama fact and logic.

What a sad indictment of American ignorance and judgment and, by extension, our American educational system.  

At the most basic level, it is education's job to instill in children a respect for established facts and to provide the skills for discovering and using them. It is government's job to struggle toward an economy that allows all citizens enough security and "leisure" to make use of those skills in choosing our leaders.


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